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A game created for the
48 hour Global Game Jam 2011
San Francisco, CA

2011 Theme: Extinction

Optional "Diversifiers"

  • Do and Undo: The game features a phase of creation and assemblage, followed by a phase of removal of all traces of expended effort.
  • Playing the Music: The game's duration is matched to that of a song. When the song ends, the game ends. No loops allowed!

Our Philosophy:

"The End of Us" was designed to evoke friendship, attachment, and affinity without overt narrative. The orange comet's behaviors - introducing itself with a walloping hello, then running away can-you-catch-me style, circling around you for attention or chasing after the stars (what do those do, anyway? Do you just want them because Orange does?) - are intended to endear. It might not arise directly from the actions (Orange spends a non-trivial amount of time bashing into you after all) but emerges from the familiarity of friendship, good and bad, and the hollow that arises after one-to-one attention vanishes, permanently, for whatever reason.

As you grow and age and eventually start to fade alongside your friend, you come upon an asteroid belt that chips away at both of you. Your final (only?) choice in the game is who will take the fall, and who will have to suffer a solo existence after.

Original: Original GGJ Submission

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